Samuel Andreyev's scores are published by Impronta Edition (Mannheim, Germany), with the exception of the following pieces:

Micrographia for tenor saxophone
published by Resolute Music Publications (USA). Order





Nombres imaginaires for flute
published by Resolute Music Publications (USA). Order





Passages for clarinet
published by Resolute Music Publications (USA). Order





Locus Solus for oboe
published by Resolute Music Publications (USA). Order





Le malheur adoucit les pierres for bass flute, English horn and bassoon
published by Resolute Music Publications (USA). Order





Night Division, for seven instruments
published by Alphonse Leduc (France). Order







Music with no Edges
Kairos Records, 2018
includes Vérifications, Stopping, Passages, Music with no Edges, Cinq pièces and Strasbourg Quartet.
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Klarthe Records / Harmonia Mundi Distribution, 2016
includes La pendule de profil, Moving, A propos du concert de la semaine dernière, Flex I-III, Bern Trio, Midnight Audition and PLP.
Ensemble Proton Bern; Matthias Kuhn, conductor
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The Tubular West

Torpor Vigil Records, Canada, 2013
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Compositeurs de la Casa de Velázquez
Casa de Velázquez, Spain, 2013
CD includes Vérifications, Cinq pièces, Piano Piece N° 1 and À propos du concert de la semaine dernière. Also two works by composer Kenji Sakai

A very limited number of copies of this CD is still available. If interested, please contact Torpor Vigil.

Umbra Septentrionis / Yoko Hirota, piano
Centrediscs, Canada, 2017
CD includes Piano Piece N° 1 (Au travers du cerceau).

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The Relativistic Empire
Bookthug, Toronto, 2015

The Relativistic Empire shows the exquisite in the everyday; the slips of the tongue which sharpens the pencil’s point until it bleeds. Our things-and the names we give them-slide from strange to stranger, from contained to container. Whistling the orchestration of a beautiful ‘teflon ballet,’ Andreyev makes the poem march to clockwork and despair.” — Derek Beaulieu, Calgary’s Poet Laureate



Quattro Books, Toronto, 2009

“What to say about this young poet that will make his work sound more interesting than it already is? Any lame explanations I might provide would leave Andreyev’s mystifying sense of balance in ruin. If you have ever wondered how many words a poet might place on the head of a pin before the angles start singing, this is a book for you.”
―Jay MillAr