14 January 2016

I've recently started a YouTube channel where I offer commentary and analysis on great modern and contemporary works, as well as interviews, lectures, recordings of my pieces and more. My aim is to broaden understanding and appreciation of contemporary music. To support this venture, please visit my Patreon page.

28 October 2016

I've signed an exclusive publishing contract with Impronta Edition (Mannheim, Gemany). Impronta will be publishing all of my remaining scores, as well as all future work over the next five years. You can already order their editions of Flex I-III, Midnight Audition, La pendule de profil and Stopping, with many others coming soon.

I've completed two new pieces. Piano Pieces I-IV is the first of several sets of works for solo piano. Lighting Up for solo double bass continues my series of works for solo string instruments.

I now have a Quora page providing answers to questions, mainly to do with music.

I'm now making available video lectures about key 20th century works. The first one is about Anton Webern.

11 July 2016

My newest piece, LIGHTING UP for solo double bass, is nearing completion after three months of intensive work. This is my longest solo work to date. Many other projects to come: besides the commissions previously announced, I plan to complete three new solo piano pieces before the end of the year, and extensively revise two orchestral scores. I'll also be writing a third orchestra piece within the next two years, in order to complete the triptych. Finally, there is a brand new recording of STOPPING (2006) for two vibraphones, made recently by Simon Aliotti and Alice Guillet following several months of intensive rehearsals. Have a listen.